Blackjack, one of the most common casino games. Both when it comes to online casinos and physical ones. At this page, we are going to tell you a little bit about this games in general. There are plenty of sites that discussing this subject a lot. We want to give you a brief introduction and if you are more interested in the subject, there are plenty of ways to learn more. This card game is quite common to be able to play at a lot of places, why you might get exposed by it in many places. In bars and nightclubs, we sometimes see it. Maybe you have glanced over at those tables from time to time, wondering how it all works. In a couple of minutes, you will know the basics of it.

The basics of the Blackjack game

blackjackIt is all about the number 21 really. Getting as close to it as possible, without going over it. You and your fellow players around the table will get dealt cards from the dealer facing you. You will start with two cards that will add up to a certain amount. The ace is worth 1 or 11. The court cards (king, queen, jack) are all worth 10. The rest of the cards are worth the amount they have. You are able to get more cards from the dealer after you have been dealt the first two. If you have 10 or less, it is no risk at all of exceeding 21 if you draw one more. But if you, as an example, have 17 it is quite a big risk to exceed 21 if you draw one more. This is basically the name of the game, your risk analysis.

The dealers’ cards

Your cards are to be compared to the dealers’ ones. The dealer will also get two cards. However, one of these ones is facing down while you choose whether or not you want more cards. The dealer has to take one more card if it has 17 but stand on 18. This is what you have to have in mind when deciding to get more cards or stand.

Betting at Blackjack

This is a money game. You are able to bet markers before you start your hand. If you win against the dealer, you will double your stake. If you get a blackjack (an ace and a 10-card), you will get 1,5 times your stake. However, if the dealer beats you, you are losing your markers.

From time to time, there are other kinds of rules of the blackjack game. Therefore, we suggest you check out the rules ( or talk to the dealer to see if they use any kind of other rules that haven’t been mentioned here. There are also new types of blackjack game types like tournaments and party blackjack and much more.