Online Casino in Nigeria

In collaboration with Africa Casinos, we will tell you more about online casino Nigeria and what to expect in the future. On this page, we have carefully selected the best options for casino players in Nigeria. Our skilled team on OnlineCasinoSquad have made their best to dig deep into this exciting casino market of more than 190 million people. We look into these factors when we rank casinos for the Nigerian market:

  • Bеѕt wеlсоmе bonus for new players and promotions for existing ones
  • Excellent choice of casinos games and slots
  • Sаfе, ѕесurе, legal
  • Simple deposit and withdrawals

Nigerian players have many choices so it can be difficult to know where to start. Using a trustworthy source like you can learn more about legal casino sites in Africa. They make easy to understand review of each casino to make it easier for you to get started.

online casino nigeria

Ranking factors for casinos in Nigeria

After spending time finding online casinos and sports betting in Nigeria you know that it can be tough to know where to play. Under this topic, we will go more into details what makes a good casino great. Why you should only play on safe and secure options and much more. Our experts on оnlіnе саѕіnоѕ have dug deep to find useful information from Nigerian casinos. The criteria’s that have been used for the evaluation are:

  1. First, we looked at the legal perspective, security and safety. To kеер you safe is the number one priority.
  2. Secondly, the game selection is very important. Especially in with the long run we appreciate a casino that has all the games for both casino and sports betting.
  3. Third the bonus with new players and promotions and offers for existing players. We check for the biggest and most generous bonuses and promotion. For many of our readers this is the most important factor but for us, it is number three.
  4. Fourth we look at the customer support. We want to make sure that they are professional so we usually ask a group of predefined questions during two separate moments in time.
  5. Fifth we look at the payment methods. It could actually be ranked higher in the list because if the fee:s for depositing or withdrawal money we normally switch to another option. Especially for players in Nigeria, the payment options are important. There are not that many alternatives as on the established online casino markets.

Even with our combined experience in the business of more than twenty years, it is difficult to foresee how the gambling market in Nigeria will develop. Will, there be more casinos, will the government take a part in the development, what is the tax status. There are many things to consider before making a business out of gambling in Nigeria.

Most popular games to bet at

The popularity of different games varies a lot between different countries. The casino has historically not been that popular in Nigeria. The most popular sports in Nigeria is by far football. Check out the national team and learn more here. These days the premier league in the UK is the most popular football league. Eventually, we think that the league in Nigeria will develop at a fast pace as well.

The most popular casino games are slot machines (both online and offline), blackjack and roulette. In the future, we think that live casino will become popular as well but it can take some time before it becomes as popular as in Europe.

Getting a bonus as a Nigerian Citizen

Many international companies have limits for different countries and Nigeria might be one of the countries that are no eligible for all types of bonuses. Therefore it is better to look at a website that compares online casinos specifically in Nigeria so you for sure can receive the bonus that you signed up to get. After you got your bonus you often need to wager the bonus before you can cash out. It is advisable to read the bonus terms and conditions so there are no surprises later on.

Mobile Casino

To play on the mobile is where 95% of Nigerians play. It is much more convenient and faster. It doesn’t matter if you have an iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Nokia or whatever model you have as long as it is a smartphone and have an internet connection. The faster phone and faster internet the better for the gambling experience. We suggest that you try a few games on your phone in a special location before you make bigger bets. It would be very unfortunate to not win because of your phone or the internet. Normally this is only a problem within online poker but it can be frustrating in other online gambling types as well.

Summary of online casino in Nigeria

Hope that you learned a bit more about what to expect from playing online casino in Nigeria. Make sure to use comparison sites like Africa Casinos so you get a good start. There is nothing more annoying than a casino that is spamming you with an advertisement or treating you in a bad manner. With recommended casinos, the chances of picking one of the best casinos are much greater. If you have any more questions about the casino market in Africa. Do not hesitate to contact the experienced staff as Africa Casinos.